Data Access Sub-committee

Process for Data Access

A sub-committee of the Campus Climate Steering Committee will serve as the sub-committee to review the initial proposals. 

1. Process summary for individuals requesting the data

  • Prospective investigator should complete the Data Access Request Form and submit to the sub-committee at
  • Sub-committee reviews the proposal to see if the research question can be examined with the current data without compromising confidentiality
  • If approved by the sub-committee, the prospective researcher will be contacted and advised to submit an IRB application for the project requesting secondary use of the data set
  • If approved by the IRB, the researcher is provided only with the data necessary to respond to the question
    • Data are provided in an aggregated format to ensure confidentiality of the respondents

2. Process summary for unit heads/college deans requesting data

  • Request forwarded to SF State primary investigator Sutee Sujitparapitaya
  • Primary investigator examines the data from the unit or college to see if the 30% threshold was reached
  • If the threshold was reached, the primary investigator provides unit/college with a report for data specific to the unit/college
  • The report template for units/colleges is developed by the primary investigator in collaboration with the sub-committee

3. If there is a request for the entire data set, these requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis


Sub-committee Membership

Greg Dubrow, Director, Institutional Research

Celeste Francisco, M.A. Student, Asian American Studies

Neha Kaul, Administrative Analyst/Specialist, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Collen Hoff, Faculty, Sexuality Studies