Campus Climate Assessment Project

The Campus Climate Assessment Project (CCAP) will help serve as a needs assessment effort to guide priority setting for the new Division of Equity & Community Inclusion. In addition, it will serve as the basis for identifying areas in need of focused attention in support of SF State’s Strategic Plan values of Community and of Equity.

CCAP kicked off Monday, February 5, 2018, with Susan Rankin & Associates Consulting as our project facilitator. This consulting team was selected following a rigorous and competitive national RFP process. This Project comprises an 18-month long, comprehensive self-study using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. All students, staff, faculty and administrators at SF State will ultimately be invited to participate in the assessment strategies. Our consultants have made a strong commitment to ensure that this Project is both confidential (to protect and promote honesty by participants) and transparent (to ensure accurate, complete results are shared broadly with the campus community).

The final report from the consultants will include not only the complete data and their analyses but also a measurable, actionable plan for moving forward—developed collaboratively with the campus community. The final report from the consultants will include the complete data and their analyses. Using this report, the campus will then develop a measurable, actionable plan for moving forward—with strategies identified and prioritized collaboratively with the input of students, staff and faculty. 

Steering Committee

The Campus Climate Steering Committee is comprised of campus representatives from across the University, including appointees from Academic Affairs, Administration & Finance, Associated Students, Equity Programs & Compliance, Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, University Advancement, and University Enterprises. The purpose of the Steering Committee will be to shape and substantively inform the process of the CCAP in consultation with Rankin & Associates Consulting, as well as share information with the larger campus community about the assessment process as we move forward.


Projected timeline for SF State’s CCAP.  Because this process is intended to be collaborative, consultative, iterative and organic, please note that the timeline milestones may shift somewhat as we progress forward.

Important Documents

Additional materials about the CCAP. This page will be updated on a regular basis throughout the project administration timeline.